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Boxing Picks and Predictions - Ebaine Bridges vs Shannon O'Connell - Dec. 10, 2022

December 10, 2022

Ebaine Bridges is looking to avenge the only loss of her career when she clashes against bitter rival Shannon O'Connell for the IBF World Bantamweight title Saturday night inside First Direct Arena, Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Ebaine Bridgers Betting Preview

Bridges (8-1) has already proven she is more than just a pretty face who posts cheeky videos every other day, she can flat-out box and fight and has the charisma and personality to back it up. But, now she will be tested bigtime against an opponent who comes in with 30 pro fights and sits at the Top-rated boxer in Australia, while Bridgers sits at No. 2 and oh by the way, has already defeated her.

O'Connell has handed Bridges the only loss of her career when she earned a 10-round UD for the WBA World Bantamweight title, back in April in 2021. O'Connell had a cut on the left side of her head en route to the win in that fight.

Needless to say, there is a lot on the line come Saturday night and these two flat out just do not like each other. Expect fireworks from the opening bell.

Bridges is not afraid to mix it up and take some shots, but she is a smart boxer and rarely puts herself in harm's way. In their first bout, Bridges was tentative out of the gate, got frustrated and O'Connell just outworked her when she had too. Bridges has learned from that and realizes she can not let rounds slip away and to finish them clearly and make sure not to leave it in the judges hands.

The jab will be her best friend in this bout and she is going to have to stick with it. This fight might also come down to the quality and quantity of punches she throws, they need to be clear and concise and score.

Bridges might turn it on midway through this fight if she sees some openings, the problem might be if O'Connell does not give her any openings and is fighting on her backfoot and retreating.

Shannon O'Connell Betting Preview

O'Connell  (23-6-1, 11KO's) is the opposite when it comes to the antics and the theatrics of Bridges. She just goes about her business and is no-nonsense and is coming into this fight on a mission and she is looking to make a bigtime statement.

The 39-year-old known as Shotgun is durable and a gritty fighter, who can box inside the pocket or jab and box from the outside. She has ripped off eight straight wins since suffering a KO loss to Helen Joseph and prior to that suffered a really tough defeat at the hands of Marcela Eliana Acuna back in 2017 for the IBF title.

She is not intimated and she will take her time for a round or two, but since there is no love lost between these two, you might see both fighters just let their hands go. I do not see it, I think O'Connell wants to go in there and make a statement and wipe the grin and smile off of Bridges face.

Boxing Odds

The odds tell you this is a pretty close fight as Bridges is -200 and O'Connell is set at + 175/ Bridges is four years younger and lets just not hope this one does not have any type of scoring controversy. Let's just say, boxing loves a trilogy.