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Gilbert Urbina vs. Charles Radtke

February 3, 2024

UFC Fight Night 235 promises exciting bouts, with a welterweight showdown between Gilbert Urbina and Charles Radtke kicking off the main card at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, February 3, at 7:00 PM ET. Urbina currently holds the favorite status with a moneyline of -190.

Gilbert Urbina Betting Preview

Urbina has gone 2-2 over his last four fights, while also going 1-1 in the UFC during that stretch. Luckily, he was able to get back on the winning path in his last fight, which was a second round TKO over Orion Cosce at UFC Fight Night 223 in May of last year.

He boasts a fight record of seven victories, with two knockouts, two submissions, and three decisions. Notably, he secured two triumphs in the opening round and suffered one loss each via submission and decision.

Recognized as "The RGV Bad Boy," he maintains a 61 percent striking accuracy and a 50 percent success rate in takedowns. In each minute of action, he delivers 6.33 significant strikes while absorbing 4.09, showcasing a commendable margin of error.

On average, he achieves 3.96 takedowns and 0.99 submissions per 15 minutes of fight time to offer some success on the ground. His defensive prowess includes a 48 percent success rate against significant strikes but no success yet against takedowns.

Charles Radtke Betting Preview

Radtke has won his last five battles as he approaches this next fight. His latest triumph was also his debut in the UFC, where he defeated Mike Mathena by unanimous decision at UFC 293 in September of last year.

He boasts eight victories in his record, comprising three knockouts, two submissions, and three decisions. Notably, three of these triumphs concluded in the opening round, while two of his three losses occurred via decision.

“Chuck Buffalo” currently exhibits a striking accuracy of 46 percent and achieves takedowns 16 percent of the time. He delivers 2.33 significant strikes per minute and absorbs 2.93 in return, resulting in a slightly negative differential between the two averages.

His average takedown rate stands at 1.00 per 15 minutes, with no submissions registered yet in his statistical performance. Demonstrating robust defense, he successfully repels significant strikes at a rate of 53 percent and takedowns at an impressive 100 percent. However, his defense will be greatly tested against an established fighter.

Odds, Series Trends and Free Pick

MyBookie displays the odds for this matchup, indicating Gilbert Urbina as the favored contender (-190) with the potential to win. Both fighters possess explosive skills that could swiftly conclude the battle, adding appeal to this matchup. While Radtke boasts a solid start to the UFC, his averages so far do not support his chances at success for this matchup.

Final Pick: Gilbert Urbina -190