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MLB Betting Pick & Prediction: New York Mets vs. Philadelphia Phillies

September 24, 2023

The New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies square off in their finale of a four-game series in Pennsylvania soon. Can the Phillies maintain their dominance over the Mets to close out this series strong?

  • Date: Game 4 on September 24, 2023 at 1:05 PM ET

  • Location: Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New York Mets Betting Preview

The Mets have been trying to poke holes in teams' attempts at the playoffs lately, with recent wins over the Miami Marlins. Can they slow down the Phillies to prevent their success for the playoffs?

Their performance in the batter's box is consistent, showcasing a batting average of .239 along with a slugging percentage of .409. It is decent but not exceptional, and they find it challenging to keep up with strong-hitting teams.

Conversely, their rivals maintain a batting average of .248, and their own ERA stands at 4.31. They often yield too many opportunities to their opponents, which creates openings for the Phillies.

Their reliable ability to get runners on base remains steady, evident in their admirable on-base percentage of .318. To succeed, they will need a strong performance on the pitching mound.

Philadelphia Phillies Betting Preview

The Phillies are trying to hang onto their fourth seed wild card spot for the playoffs. They have to continue winning games in order to make that happen, which has been a good situation at home.

The team currently excels with a batting average of .257 and a slugging percentage of .439, displaying strong promise. While they maintain an advantage over the Mets, the key to their victory lies in maintaining this consistency.

On the defensive front, they have effectively limited opposing teams to a respectable .241 batting average and maintained a solid ERA of 4.04, outperforming the Mets in this aspect. It is imperative for them to sustain this level of performance on the mound.

Furthermore, their on-base percentage shines at .329, indicating greater chances to have runners on base compared to the Mets. If they can match their plate performance, their prospects for victory appear quite favorable.

Game Odds, Series Trends and Free Pick

MyBookie's latest odds suggest that in game four, the Philadelphia Phillies are in a fairly favorable position. A thorough review of market analysis reveals a 73.4 percent probability of the Phillies prevailing in this particular contest.

  • New York Mets: +160

  • Philadelphia Phillies: -192

The Mets have a shot if they do well on the mound, because chasing the Phillies on offense is not going to work. The Phillies need to land more wins before the end of the season in order to maintain their spot in the playoffs. Look for the Phillies to hold out for the win.

Final Pick: Take the Philadelphia Phillies to Win at -192