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MLB Betting Preview: Chicago White Sox vs. Minnesota Twins

September 17, 2023

The finale of a four-game series is coming up soon against the Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox. Will the Twins assert their dominance once more or can the White Sox make this a respectable ending?

  • Date: Game 4 on September 17, 2023 at 2:10 PM ET

  • Location: Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, Illinois

Minnesota Twins Betting Preview

The Twins have not had much trouble in this series, especially after scoring 10 runs each game and only allowing the White Sox to score two runs per game in the first two games. This level of consistency will be needed for the playoffs.

Their batting averages and ratio at the plate are not bad. They put up .242, with a .426 slugging percentage. These are solid and they have actually been better in this series.

From the mound, the ratio does not show much of a separation, as they allow .238 at the plate from their opponents. They also put up a ln ERA at 3.90, which is much better than the White Sox.

Their ability to get on base is good at .322, which shows they have been able to get runners on board. However, their recent play has not had any issues with getting runners on.

Chicago White Sox Betting Preview

The White Sox were doomed to fail before the start of this series. You could tell they had some issues when they had two straight losses by the Kansas City Royals prior to beginning game one of this series.

The White Sox have typically hit .239 at the plate and have a slugging percentage at .387. While these are low compared to league standards, it should be enough to keep in reach with the Twins on paper.

They will not be close to the Twins at all if they continue to allow their opponents to bat .251. Their ERA of 4.94 is the driving force behind their issues.

Their OBP is well below the Twins’ at .293, no worries about them having many scoring opportunities. This could be another blowout.

Game Odds, Series Trends and Free Pick

MyBookie's odds indicate that the Minnesota Twins are in a favorable position to emerge victorious in this contest. A closer examination of the market analysis reveals that the Twins boast a 59.1 percent probability of securing victory in this matchup.

  • Chicago White Sox: +124

  • Minnesota Twins: -148

The White Sox are simply poking the bear at this point, as the Twins are not messing around as they make final preparations. They are getting hot at the right time of year and would like to use that momentum for the playoffs. Look for the Twins to be victorious once again.

Final Pick: Take the Minnesota Twins to Win at -148