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MLB Betting Preview: Miami Marlins vs. Philadelphia Phillies

September 10, 2023

The Miami Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies will close out their divisional three-game series in Pennsylvania to decide the best team in this matchup. Plenty of exciting betting opportunities await, as this has been a close series that could affect the wild card race.

  • Date: Game 3 on September 10, 2023 at 1:05 PM ET

  • Location: Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Miami Marlins Betting Preview

The Marlins have more tough matchups coming their way, which will likely affect their 17th rank in the league. Are they finally back on track or will they fall to better teams? Steven Okert will also be starting on the mound, but can he land another victory?

Their batting average ratio is similar to the Phillies. They are good for .259 at the plate, but give up .243. They will have to either do better at the plate or stop them from the mound to be successful.

They get on base with an OBP at .314 and are lacking a bit from the mound with an ERA of 4.14. Their slugging percentage is also a little low for a team with a winning record at .404.

The Marlins have another opportunity to inch closer in the wild card race. They are within four games of the Phillies for second in the NL East.

Philadelphia Phillies Betting Preview

The Phillies have a vibe to them that makes it appear as if they will break out at some point. A win here would definitely provide that spark. Ranger Suarez (2-6) aims to help them defensively on the mound with an ERA of 3.91.

Their batting averages are a fraction of a difference better than the Marlins. They put up .259 and allow .241 at the plate, which could be the difference in this game.

Surprisingly, all of their key averages are better than the Marlins. These include an ERA of 3.99, an OBP at .329, and a slugging percentage at .440.

The Phillies need every win they can to stay within their realm of playoff hopes. Any defeats will push them further back and allow for the Marlins to step into the conversation for the wild card.

Game Odds, Series Trends and Free Pick

MyBookie is currently offering the Philadelphia Phillies as potential moderate favorites to be successful in this finale. According to market analysis, it is estimated that the Phillies have a 63.8 percent likelihood to win game three.

  • Miami Marlins: +154

  • Philadelphia Phillies: -185

The Marlins have not been consistent on the road, while the Phillies are quite good at home. This will likely hurt their chances. Look for the Phillies to finish strong and remain in the top 10 for league rankings.

Final Pick: Take the Philadelphia Phillies to Win at -185