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MLB Betting Preview: Oakland Athletics vs. Seattle Mariners

September 20, 2023

The culmination of a thrilling three-game face-off between the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics is rapidly approaching. Will the Mariners be able to wrap up this series with a triumphant performance, especially with the playoffs looming on the horizon?

  • Date: Game 3 on September 20, 2023 at 3:37 PM ET

  • Location: Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, California

Seattle Mariners Betting Preview

The Mariners needed this series to catch a break after losing three straight against the Los Angeles Dodgers. With the playoffs fast approaching, they need as many wins as possible to stay in good shape.

They have demonstrated their prowess at the plate with an impressive .244 batting average and a noteworthy slugging percentage of .415. These offensive talents have allowed them to maintain competitiveness, even in the face of pitching challenges this season.

In contrast, their opponents have only managed a .238 batting average when facing them, and their ERA stands at approximately 3.72. Their pitching appears robust enough to handle whatever the A’s bring to the table.

Their ability to consistently put runners on base is underscored by their solid on-base percentage of .323. To maintain an advantage over the A’s, they must continue their excellence in both hitting and getting on base.

Oakland Athletics Betting Preview

The A’s do not know what it feels like to win consistently, as this season has been a disaster. This is another rough matchup for them, but one lucky moment could always tip the game in their favor.

The team's lackluster batting average of .224 and a slugging percentage of just .371 are concerning indicators. Their offense consistently struggles, which affects their performance in games, as does their pitching.

Defensively, they have allowed opposing teams to achieve a .268 batting average against them while maintaining a challenging ERA of 5.55. It appears their challenges span all facets of the game.

Furthermore, their on-base percentage is a mere .300, highlighting difficulties in getting runners on base. To secure victories, they must strive for excellence in every aspect of their gameplay and hope that they Mariners do not get hot at the plate.

Game Odds, Series Trends and Free Pick

MyBookie's analysis suggests that the Seattle Mariners have a moderate edge in this matchup, with market indicators pointing to a 73.3 percent likelihood of them securing victory in the finale.

  • Oakland Athletics: +190

  • Seattle Mariners: -238

The A’s do not have many weapons on the mound or at the plate to make up the difference between them and the Mariners. This will potentially be decided by several runs, assuming the Mariners have a good day at the plate. Look for the Mariners to get another solid win as they prepare for the playoffs.

Spooky Express Pick: Take the Seattle Mariners to Win at -238