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Spooky Express 2023 Circa Contest - Week 3 Plays

September 23, 2023

Last week, for the 2nd straight week, we ended up going 2-3 at the Circa Millions Contest. Once again, we took some really tough bad beats, along with the rest of the world.  Let's take a look at how we did last week. 

Miami Dolphins -2.5 (WINNER 24-17) The Dolphins went on the road and took care of business, beating the New England Patriots by a touchdown. The Dolphins look really good and playing some good early season football!

NY Giants -4.5 (LOSER 31-28) It's hard to cover a 4.5 point spread when you find yourself down by multiple touchdown early in the game. Yes, the Giants came back and won the game but they only won by 3 points. 

San Francisco -7.5 (LOSER 30-23) This one was hard to crunch. SF was up by 10 with no time left and the Rams decided to kick a FG to end the game, and cost us the game. We lost by a half a point, thanks to that worthless FG.  

Buffalo Bills -8.5 (WINNER 38-10) The Bills were pretty much in control of this game throughout. Ended up winning 38-10 with a nice bounce back performance by the Bills.  

Cincinnati Bengals -3.5 (LOSER 27-24) In what I think was the biggest shocker, the Bengals lost at home in a big conference matchup with the Ravens. Definitely did not see that happening, nor did we think the Bengals would start the season 0-2.  

Week 3 - September 21-25, 2023

  • Denver Broncos +6.5

  • New England Patriots -2.5

  • Dallas Cowboys -12.5

  • Tampa Bay Bucs +5

  • Las Vegas Raiders -2.5

Denver Broncos +6.5 - Follow the early smart money, and that tells us that Broncos should get the cover here. Add in the fact that the Dolphins are coming off a divisional game vs. New England and have a divisional game on the horizon, next week vs. Buffalo on the road. Take Denver! 

New England Patriots -2.5 - The Pats are 0-2 and facing rival NY Jets. The Jets are just not a very good team, and reality is their defense is certainly not what we expected coming into the season.  They were ate up by Dallas and now have to face a NE squad that are 0-2 but their losses are against Philadelphia (2-0) and Miami (2-0).  We think the Pats get the win and cover by at least a FG.

Dallas Cowboys -12.5 - Yes, this is a lot of points but the Arizona Cardinals are going to really struggle stopping Dallas. Unless the Cowboys take the week off and just coast through, they should spank the Cardinals by at least 3 touchdowns. Furthermore, how are the Cardinals going to score? Just don't see it. 

Tampa Bay Bucs +5 - TB are tough on prime time, especially as a dog. The numbers are jumping off the page, while the Eagles, don't impress anyone with their favorite position in a NFC game. Like the Bucs at home on prime time. 

Las Vegas Raiders -2.5 - The Pittsburgh Steelers are coming off a very emotional game on Monday Night. They now have to go on the road, head out west, and face the Raiders, in their first home game.