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Spooky Express 2023 Circa Week 9 Plays

November 5, 2023

Last week was a good week. Finally! We went 4-1 and now we look to gain a little steam with another big week in Circa. Let's jump in and take a look at what we have here today!

Cleveland Browns -7.5 - Talk about line movement! We played this at Circa at -7.5 and now, if we look over at Bookmaker, we see the line has gone up to -13. Arizona is going to struggle to put any points on the board here against the Cleveland Defense! Will we play it at -13, heck no, but at -7.5, it truly was a no brainer. 

Chicago Bears +8.5 - We played this earlier in the week on Circa at +8.5 and now, it has gone up to +9.  Are the Bears a good team..... NO.... but are the Saints 9 points better? We don't think so. 

Indianapolis Colts -2.5 - These Colts have shown glimpses of being a decent team and having an offense that can force teams to play flexible defenses to maintain their running game. Carolina simply doesn't have the offense to score points, even against a really bad Colts defense. We like the Colts here. 

Philadelphia Eagles -3 - Divisional battle in Phily! If the game was in Dallas, it would be a stay-away game but the home field is too much for Phily. We think Phily wins by at least a touchdown. 

Las Vegas Raiders -2 - The two worst offenses in football will square off today but there is a little trend we like to follow and that is when teams fire head coaches that are not well liked in the locker room, that team sort of rises up the following game. They want to show appreciation and sort of flex their muscles to prove the reason for the bad play, was the coach, not the players!