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Your time to enter the $12.5 Million Venom is running out

April 18, 2024

The $12.5 Million Venom tournament kicked off last Sunday at ACR Poker with Day 1A.  It’s no surprise that this tournament has already attracted a massive pool of players, all aiming for one of the three $1 Million prizes up for grabs. Don’t forget that this is ACR’s biggest tourney ever and the momentum is only set to rise as word continues to get out.

Couldn't make it to Day 1A? No worries, as there are four more Day 1 options, though the clock is ticking. Check out these remaining dates and claim your spot in this groundbreaking event:

  • Day 1B – Thursday, April 18th at 1:05pm ET

  • Day 1C – Sunday, April 21st at 1:05pm ET

  • Day 1D – Thursday, April 25th at 1:05pm ET

  • Day 1E – Sunday, April 28th at 1:05pm ET

Venom Fever is on until Sunday, April 28th

Don’t worry about shelling out $2,650 for your Venom seat because Venom Fever continues all the way through Day 1E. In case you missed it, Venom Fever is an exclusive promo awarding tons of seats to the massive $12.5 Million Venom event. Here’s how you can secure your spot in ACR Poker’s biggest tourney ever:

The Beast: This Sunday, April 21st at 6:05pm ET, is your big chance to win 1 of 50 seats guaranteed. Entry is just $95, but keep an eye on the weekly leaderboard for a shot at a free entry.

Direct Satellites: They’re awarding 781 seats until Sunday, April 28th, with buy-ins starting from just $33. Take a look at the schedule to plot your way into the Venom.

Mega Satellites: They're guaranteeing 140 seats this coming weekend (April 21st-22nd), and another 150 seats the following weekend on April 27th-28th. Follow the daily path for a shot at a free seat.

Multi-flight Tournaments: You've got until April 27th to secure one of the last 15 guaranteed seats, with an affordable $16.50 buy-in leading to Day 2 on Saturday, April 27th at 2:05pm ET.

'Spin to Get IN' Slot Machine: Ever thought a single cent could take you far? With this game-changer, you might just find yourself playing in the $12.5 Million Venom. With this slot machine, you’re in it to win it – starting from just one penny.

Add ACR Poker’s venom specials to your calendar

Don’t forget about the Venom Specials. They’re additional tourneys that coincide with Day 1 and Day 2 of the massive $12.5 Million Venom tournament. And get this, the prize pools across these additional events total $10,675,000 in guaranteed cash.

Want the full rundown? Head over to the $12.5 Million Venom promo page and visit the “Venom Specials” tab for details.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s ahead:

  • Thursday, April 18th - $200,000 GTD ($630 buy-in) at 1:05pm ET

  • Sunday, April 21st - $750,000 GTD ($630 buy-in) at 12:05pm ET

  • Thursday, April 25th - $200,000 GTD ($630 buy-in) at 1:05pm ET

  • Sunday, April 28th - $1 Million GTD ($630 buy-in) at 12:05pm ET

  • Monday, April 29th - $500,000 GTD ($1,050 buy-in) at 1:05pm ET

Make poker history while you can

It should be obvious that the $12.5 Million Venom is the biggest thing to ever happen at ACR Poker, and honestly, it's a huge deal in the broader online poker community. You don't see this kind of massive tournament pop up all the time, whether that's at ACR Poker or anywhere else.

So don't miss your shot to be part of something epic. Head over to the $12.5 Million Venom and Venom Fever promo pages and make sure you claim your seat. This is your chance to hit it big and totally change your life, so don't sleep on it!